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Since 1961

Stoeger XM1 PCP Combo – .177


The XM1 ensures the best performance in every shooting situation, thanks to the ergo/anatomical studies performed by Italian Engineers (Human Tech Design) & the best weight-stability ratio of the rifle. A distinct style of Stoeger AIRGUNS coupled with traits of a sports rifle & hunting rifle. The rifle provides to the shooter a uniquely emotional experience. With its strong personality, pure design & absolute sportiness, the new XM1 is one of a kind.
Comes with 3-9×40 scope, mounts & sound moderator

– Pro Adaptive Length, alter length with coloured spacers for optimal comfort. Included
– MGS cheekpieces base and Monte Carlo included
– MGS pistol grip, standard blue or XL Black included
– EBL system with exclusive THRIDION chequering for maximum grip on the bolt lever
– Left side Picatinny rail with integrated rotary magazine rack & locking magnets
– Pro Adaptive Trigger
– Anti reflection open rear sight
– Integrated air regulator


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