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Miroku Mk11 Side Plate Game



The Miroku MK11 Side Plated is like a fine hand-crafted jewel that you never tire of admiring. First of all, this side-plated shotgun is an absolute treat for the eyes. The engraved pheasants and partridges are particularly deep, giving life and dimension to the motifs. Add in the high standard of hand-checkered wood, the teardrops, and the lovingly crafted finishes, and you have a gun that sets new standards of elegance.

But the MK11 Side Plated is more than just a work of art: it’s a technological revolution, offering an unprecedented combination of two important components – an ultra-low action frame and an inertia-operated system. The ultra-low action frame gives a much faster aim and better recoil absorption.

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Miroku Mk11 Side Plate Game