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Since 1961

Gateway1 Estate Beater 7″ with Speed-Lacing


Estate Beater 7″ 400g G1® speed-lacing™

The Gateway1 Estate Twist Lock Beater is the perfect choice for any hunter looking for the ultimate grip on any terrain. The special sole offers you optimal grip on rocky ground, wet surfaces or mud. You can rest assured that this Gateway1 shoe will provide you with the highest level of stability and balance. Thanks to the twist lock, you can quickly and easily slip into the shoe and go stalking immediately. It also has no laces to rip while walking through the thickets. These boots offer a breathable material, which absorbs moisture and wicks sweat away. This avoids uncomfortable wearing. Our shoes are also well ventilated and offer improved air circulation, which contributes to a high level of comfort.

  • Twist lock for quick on and off
  • Special sole for good grip on any surface
  • Breathable material for comfort
  • Robust processing for many years of use
  • Ecological Sympatex® waterproofing system

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