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LiquiMoly Guntec Gun Care Spray 200ml


LiquiMoly Guntec Gun Care Spray – 200ml. Preserves, lubricates and protects weapons, machines, tools, metallic components, instruments and much more from wear, rust and corrosion.

Highly adhesive, medium-viscosity special oil spray for preserving and lubricating weapons and metal parts. Ensures optimal protection against corrosion and forms an even, stable and particularly water-repellent oil film on the surface. Thanks to its excellent lubricating properties, it ensures optimal wear protection for moving components or at lubrication points. Thanks to extremely good creeping properties, it also reaches lubricating points that are difficult to access and remains stable even after long periods of use thanks to the high level of protection against gumming. The contained PTFE solid lubricants guarantee emergency running properties and the lowest coefficients of friction. A versatile weapon care spray with good plastic compatibility and the option of oiling wood.

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