Cometa .177 Fenix 400 Carbine


The Cometa Fenix 400 is the perfect example of the high quality gun produced by Cometa air rifles. Everything from it’s beautifully designed aesthetics to it’s user friendly design ensures you get an accurate, powerful and unparalleled shot out of it.
The Break barrel action on this gun sets off an automatic safety that has to be turned off before shooting. This ensures the rifle only fires when you’re ready reducing the chance of injury to both you and others. Made from rifled steel the barrel measures 370mm in length. Fitted with a sound moderator this rifle can be used for a plethora of jobs ranging from plinking to pest control / hunting.
It’s stunning aesthetics create a professional looking rifle without having the high price tag. The Beech stock has a smooth, fine finish making the rifle eye catching and a pleasure to look at. The cheek piece provides a solid platform to rest on whilst lining your shot up though the scope. The rubber butt pad fitted on the stock reduces strain on the shoulder and surrounding areas. This results in a reduced chance of injuries such as RSI when using often for long periods of time.
The adjustable rear sight fitted on the rifle allows you to line up the perfect shot time after time. To then further your accuracy you can attach optical accessories thanks to the machine cut dovetail groove. Cometa air rifles are known for their high quality, user friendly ergonomic design. An example of this is the adjustable trigger on the Cometa Fenix 400 which can be fine tuned for pressure or length. RED DOT Sight is NOT included in price.

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