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Since 1961

A Welcome Return

We are very pleased to announce the return of Jonathan Ward to Ray Ward Gunsmith

Jonathan returns from Holland & Holland where he was Head Of Gunroom at their beautiful Northwood Shooting Grounds since September 2019. From May 7th, 2023 Jonathan will now take up a senior position at Ray Ward Gunsmith bringing the expertise and vast knowledge he has acquired from being an integral part of the Gun trade over the last 26 years where he held positions at Harrods and E.J. Churchill.

There is of course a family connection with Jonathan being the Grandson of the late Ray Ward himself and Son to John Ward whom he will be working closely with at their location in Sheffield Park in East Sussex. He has returned to carry on the Ray Ward name that has stood strong since the 1960s in the shooting industry.

Jonathan is a keen clay shooter and this return will mean he will yet again be a familiar face on the local competition circuits his passion and knowledge of guns at all levels will be a superb addition alongside his Father who is both keeping the Ray Ward legacy of fantastic service, advice, and product knowledge at the highest level available to shooters of all levels. Welcome back Jonathan we wish you all the success in your new role.